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The Ethopian Tattoo Shop by Fr. Edward HaysThe Ethopian Tattoo Shop
by Fr. Edward Hays

Fr. Edward Hays, an artist and an author, has written many books to help us to grow in out Spirituality and Faith. For our continuing book study which will begin on MARCH 15, we have chosen a book of his parables. Parables are stories that have an obvious meaning, but may have many different stories buried within, kind of like a two sided jig saw puzzle. When the puzzle is completed, it shows a complete picture; but when the puzzle is turned over, it shows a completely different picture!

This book contains 22 parables that we will read and discuss, so we can learn how to read the obvious and the hidden meanings of the stories. Maybe it will help us to understand the parables we are used to hearing in the New Testament.

Please order your copy and join us.

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