30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

From The Desk of Fr. Joseph

Dear Parishioners,

On this 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus invites us to follow him and make God's way our own. Frank Sinatra famously sang: " I did it my way." This song remains one of his greatest hits, not only because of how well he sang it, but because of its meaning. We would all like to do it our way- to have everything go according to our own plans, like the self-made person in charge of his or her own destiny.

We think this is possible because we've bought into two lies. The first is, "what we do, WE do," rather than it being done through God's Grace and generosity. The second is that "self-reliance is freedom." And perhaps it is indeed true that we have ventured out on a career path and found success without the explicit assistance of others.

What ever gains we have accomplished are the truths that God's love is what sustains us and allows us to achieve goodness, and true freedom comes through communal life in Christ. Faith is what allows us to align "our way" with what God desires for us.

We become more Christ-like in our compassionate caring for ourselves, others, and the world. Instead of being self-made, we are Christ-made, and our destiny is our redemption in him as God's way fully becomes our own.

Your brother in Christ

Father Joseph 

Mask Requirements at St. Joseph Catholic Parish

Attention Parishioners!!


Individuals WHO ARE VACCINATED -- masks are OPTIONAL



Thank you for your cooperation!


Bible Verse for Today

The Lord said to the leader of the synagogue in reply, “Hypocrites! Does not each one of you on the sabbath untie his ox or his ass from the manger and lead it out for watering?
This daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound for eighteen years now, ought she not to have been set free on the sabbath day from this bondage?”

Luke 13:10-17

What The People Say...

  • There is such a presence of the Holy Spirit at this church! Father Joseph is absolutely amazing and is a huge staple in the community.

  • Staff is awesome. Fr. Joseph is wonderful. Very welcoming community.

    D. Alvarado
  • A Great place to worship the Lord and Jesus. Father Joseph is the best.

    E. Chavez
  • It made me find my place with the Lord and I feel so comfortable with everyone and Father Joseph is so awesome.

    W. Sandoval
  • have been going to this church for years and the home feeling you get when you walk through those doors cannot be found anywhere else. Father Joe is the best priest I have ever encountered and the staff is amazing! The choir is also phenomenal.

    K. Romero