"Who Am I and How Did I get Here"

From The Desk of Pastor Steve

Dear Parishioners,

That can be a difficult question to answer, but I will attempt to do so. First and foremost, we are what God makes us, more than what we make of ourselves. As such, I am a baptized Catholic and an ordained priest. I know that you are aware of that but I still need to remind myself of it from time to time. It has been 22 years since my ordination on June 2, 2000, and yet I still can hardly believe it. It is without a doubt an incredible blessing for me to be chosen to live this vocation. I know that I have been blessed so as to be a blessing to others. I hope and pray that that may indeed be the case.

There are, none-the-less, many experiences which make me, and my life unique. I was born in Pueblo not long after my parents, moved here from North Dakota. I do indeed come from a wonderful and supportive family. I have three older brothers and a younger sister. I also have four nephews and two nieces. This past April 27, Mom, Audrey passed away. She and my dad, Jim, had been married 63 years. My Dad is now 90 years old and resides at Sharmar here in Pueblo. Please keep him in your prayers. My brother Tom and my sister Mary both live in Pueblo and are very active in caring for Dad. They live together, Tom is a middle school science teacher, and Mary is our dad’s primary care giver. My oldest brother Mike lives in the Chicago area and has three sons and two grandsons. My other brother Bill lives in western Nebraska and has a son, two daughters and two grandchildren He owns and operates a Trout Farm.

After I completed high school in Pueblo (South), I attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and studied civil engineering. During my studies the call of priesthood began to surface and as I neared graduation become much stronger. As such, I put aside a career in engineering and in the fall of 1993, I entered Conception Seminary College in Missouri. I studied for two years with the monks of Conception Abbey before moving on to St. Paul Seminary in Minnesota for theological studies. During the course of my studies, I had summer placements in Alamosa and at St. Joseph’s in Grand Junction. I also had a school year internship in Delta, with Fr. Charlie. Upon ordination I was assigned to Immaculate Heart of Mary in Grand Junction for two years. I then spent the next 12 in Gunnison, Crested Butte and Lake City. After that I was assigned to Trinidad and served there for six years before going to Lamar, Springfield, Holly and Bristol for two years.

While transitions are always difficult and it is sad to leave the God’s people behind, I am filled with great joy and excitement as I look forward to my assignment here. I can hardly believe that God who has blessed me so abundantly would once again pour forth his favors upon me. I arrive with great anticipation for what the future will be and look forward to many wonderful years with all of you. Thank you so much for already making me feel welcome.

Your brother in Christ,
Fr. Steve

Help Needed for St. Joseph Community Garden

Dear Parishioners:
I have been working this garden for the last seven (7) years, and I am having serious back trouble and it’s getting harder for me to keep doing this. My wife, Joyce and Carol Spinuzzi have been helping me all those years.

The garden is all planted and where we need the most help now is keeping the weeds under control. Later on we could also use some help picking the vegetables to take to the Soup Kitchen. Please call me if you are interested in helping us out,
Joe De Grado 719-553-7339.

What The People Say...

  • There is such a presence of the Holy Spirit at this church! Father Joseph is absolutely amazing and is a huge staple in the community.

  • Staff is awesome. Fr. Joseph is wonderful. Very welcoming community.

    D. Alvarado
  • A Great place to worship the Lord and Jesus. Father Joseph is the best.

    E. Chavez
  • It made me find my place with the Lord and I feel so comfortable with everyone and Father Joseph is so awesome.

    W. Sandoval
  • have been going to this church for years and the home feeling you get when you walk through those doors cannot be found anywhere else. Father Joe is the best priest I have ever encountered and the staff is amazing! The choir is also phenomenal.

    K. Romero