Parish Testimonials

Below are just a few of many testimonials from churchgoers who have attended mass at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Pueblo, CO.


I lived in Pueblo for maybe five years. My Mom went to St.Joseph Church, and I started going with her. I wasn't brought up religious, but knew that I wanted to go. As of going to St. Joseph's it was very welcoming, and the congregation is pleasant. Father Joseph always preaches a great sermon, one that has meaning and a message. I will always call St Joseph Church my preferred church.

J. Flores

There is such a presence of the Holy Spirit at this church! Father Joseph is absolutely amazing and is a huge staple in the community.

L. Jiron

A Great place to worship the Lord and Jesus. Father Joseph is the best.

E. Chavez

I have been going to this church for years and the home feeling you get when you walk through those doors cannot be found anywhere else. Father Joe is the best priest I have ever encountered and the staff is amazing! The choir is also phenomenal. Father Joe is always taking care of the church and the community and he takes the time to get to know everybody who goes to (his) church. Highly recommended church to go to on a Sunday morning-- Best church in Pueblo.

K. Romero

Staff is awesome. Fr. Joseph is wonderful. Very welcoming community.

D. Alvarado

Father Joseph and staff exemplify the teachings of Christ. I have found great love, comfort and peace. All are welcome!

J. Hankins

It made me find my place with the Lord and I feel so comfortable with everyone and Father Joseph is so awesome

W. Sandoval