Homeless Ministry

During the month of February, members of the St. Joseph Knights of Columbus (KOC), Men of Joseph (MOJ), Council of Catholic Women (CCW) and the St. Joseph Ladies Auxiliary (SJLA) partnered with the Trane Community Outreach Team (TCOT) to give those homeless in Pueblo a "Helping Hand".  The morning begins early with the CCW and SJLA making 200 burritos in the Fr. Charles J. Murray Parish Hall kitchen. Meanwhile, the KOC and MOJ gather and haul up over 100 boxes of clothes, sweaters, gloves, and other winter accessories from the parish office basement. Those boxes are taken downtown to the Wayside Cross Rescue Mission located at 728 West 4th Street.  Over the course of the morning, many of Pueblo's homeless were treated to the burritos, free pop, hot chocolate ond coffee while they shopped for what they needed.