Recent Events

On Friday of last week (Sept. 9, 2022), the Knights of Columbus #9456 finished building the wheelchair ramp for Deacon Ben Davis. I would like to thank those who helped with the project. The project can be broken down to three phases.

1) First we had to secure the materials. Cecil Whittington was a key player here. He talked to the owner of Rush’s Lumber and got him to donate the wood for the project. Cecil Whittington also donated the paint and some supplies for the ramp. Donnie Sedillo provided his trailer and time to pick up the lumber and bring it to my house for phase two of the project.

2) Phase two was to paint all of the wood that we could before construction. This was done by Art Garcia, Jim Anzlovar, Sam Pantleo and Doug Kissler.

3) Phase three of the project was the construction of the ramp and finish painting the unpainted surfaces. Frank Genova who designed the ramp, picked up the wood that needed to be cut before the build and took it to his shop for all of the cutting. On Friday, Donnie Sedillo brought all of the wood that was still at Doug's house to the work site and we unloaded that. Soon after Frank arrived and we unloaded his truck and construction crew (Art Garcia, Father Steve, Frank, Donnie, Cecil, and Doug) began the build. Because of the excellent planning of Frank Genova we were able to build this ramp in a couple of hours.

wheelchair ramp1

wheelchair ramp2