Distribution of the Precious Blood to Resume Aug. 20-21

From The Desk of Pastor Steve

Dear Parishioners,

The Diocese of Pueblo office of Liturgy states, “Communion under both species (consecrated bread and wine) should resume as an option for the faithful during Mass.” Here at St. Joseph’s we intend to begin distribution of communion from the Cup beginning with the Masses for the
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Aug. 20 and 21). Please take note of the following:

  • You do not have to take from the cup (If you are anyway uncomfortable with receiving from the cup, please refrain).
  • Please do not receive from the cup if you are not feeling well in anyway.
  • It is improper to practice “intiction”, the dipping of the Body of Christ into the Blood of Christ. So please do not attempt to do so.

Beginning in August, Fr. Steve will be taking Fridays as his day off. This will allow for Daily Masses to be celebrated on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8am.

So our new Weekday Mass schedule starting on August 1 will be Monday through Fridays – 8am.

Your brother in Christ,
Fr. Steve

St. Joseph Catholic Church livestreamed the 11 am. mass on Sunday, Aug. 7, 2022  (The Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time). Fr. Steve, was the celebrant, Deacon Ed, assistant. 

Please continue to keep our parishioners who have COVID-19 in your prayers and for a cure to the end of this pandemic as well as those involved in the Ukraine conflict and we continue to pray for an end to racism, hate, and an end to violence!  We really have to pray!.

Please share our mass with your family and friends and be safe.

Festival Volunteers Needed:
Sign-up sheets in the back of the church or call or text folks listed below.
Mike Massaro – 720.236.8266
Vince Duvall – 719.214.4556
Lori Carter – 719.334.9817

festival 50

Below are short video clips from the 2022 St. Joseph Parish Festival held on the church grounds. Pictures to come later. There is one more day left so come out and spend your day with your family and friends at our parish festival.

Fr. Steve Festival welcome message:


Lunchtime at the Festival:


First Entertainment of Festival - The Liberty Band:


Softball Tournament Action on the John E. Carillo Field:


Richard Duvall Memorial Horsehoe Tournament


The Band Sparrow


Cake Spin Battle


Latin Thunder


transp koc logoThe Knights of Columbus (KOC) of St. Joseph (#9456) have introduced a new program called "The Holy Family"

We are inviting parishioners of any household to consecrate themselves to the Holy Family. Each week the parishioner will take the sanctuary of the Holy Family into their homes for one week of daily prayer. At the end of your week, you will bring back the sanctuary to the church for the next family.


the holy familythe holy familytransp coros box



Aug. 7:  Bob & Rita Baca (11:00 a.m.)
Aug. 7:  Allen Ercul (9:00 a.m.)
Aug. 6   Saul & Florence Trujillo (4:30 p.m.)



Learn more


festival crowdThe St. Joseph Festival Committee is looking for sponsors for this year's upcoming festival which will take place Aug. 6-7 on the parish grounds. Click HERE to read more!

St. Joseph Catholic Church will start taking registration for Religious Education classes for the coming year (2022-2023). Contact Maria Lopez who will be taking registration starting Monday, Aug. 15, 2022. You can also call Maria at 544-1886, to make an appointment to come see her during the parish's office hours. 


Dear Parishioners:
I have been working this garden for the last seven (7) years, and I am having serious back trouble and it’s getting harder for me to keep doing this. My wife, Joyce and Carol Spinuzzi have been helping me all those years.

The garden is all planted and where we need the most help now is keeping the weeds under control. Later on we could also use some help picking the vegetables to take to the Soup Kitchen. Please call me if you are interested in helping us out,
Joe De Grado 719-553-7339.

'In the name of God, stop this massacre': Pope Francis on Ukraine
The following video is courtesy of The Guardian


prayer ukraine

ukraineDear Parishioners,

As a Community of St. Joseph, we are devastated by the recent events in Ukraine. Let us join the world in prayer. We turn to God for guidance and direction, and prayer that you look over the people of Ukraine. Give them strength and courage during this difficult time. We pray to you, oh God, for peace and a resolution to this conflict.

We pray for all the people of the Ukraine and we ask Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph and St. Michael for Intercessions!

From the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

O Prince of Peace,
We pray for the people of Ukraine this day.
May conflict cease and peace be restored.
May those in power soon find ways of peace.
God of peacemakers
Teach us the ways of peace.
Come and show us
how to beat our swords into plowshares,
tools of life instead of instruments of fear.
Strip us of all strategies of conquest,
Make our hearts alive
to your movement toward peace
with our dear neighbor.
We pray for the people of Ukraine this day.

Dear Parishioners,

The Capuchin Poor Clare Nuns have given that quiet contemplative witness in Pueblo for the past 21 years. Bishop Arthur Tafoya brought the Sisters to Pueblo to be that light and powerhouse of prayer. They presently live in their Monastery off Clark Street across the street from Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Church.

St. Joseph Parish has donated 1.75 acre to the sisters to build a new Monastery for them that will house 12 Sisters. We are asking for donors to help with the building of this new Monastery to fulfill their dream. The enclosed flyer shows the old Monastery and the plans for the new Monastery. I am asking for your generous support for our Capuchin Poor Clare Nuns Monastery Fund.

Please see the flyer below. May God Bless you for your generous donation.

Your brother in Christ

Father Joseph 

We are asking for donations to help the Poor Clare Sisters fulfill their dream.

St. Joseph is donating the land behind the south baseball field at the corner of Rios.

Donations can be made out to:
Diocese of Pueblo

Poor Clare Nuns Monastery Fund
Checks to be mailed to St. Joseph Church
1145 South Aspen Road
Pueblo, CO 81006

God's Peace and let's help fulfill the Poor Clare Sisters dream.










This Weekend's Music (Aug. 6-7)
The Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Ceclia Choir
(4:30 p.m., 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m.)

Gathering: Enter The Journey

Gifts: Rain Down
Communion: Loving and Forgiving
Sending Forth: How Can I Keep From Singing

Spirit Choir
(11 a.m.)

Gathering: Come, Now is the Time to Worship

Gifts: Heart of Worship
Communion: O The Blood
Comm.-Med.: Goodness of God

Sending Forth: Every Praise