St. Joseph Catholic Church holds a yearly St. Joseph Table that last for two days inside the Fr. Charles J. Murray Parish Hall. People of all ages come to view the table which honors our patron saint - St. Joseph.

The Ninth Annual St. Jospeh Table was blessed on Saturday morning, March 18 at 10:30 a.m.. after a mass for St. Joseph inside the church.

Bishop Stephen J. Berg, along with Deacon Ed Riccillo presided over the table ceremony while Marcos LeBlanc provided the music. The St. Joseph Table was blessed once more on Sunday, March 19, by Fr. Steve Murray after the 11 a.m. mass.



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History of the St. Joseph Table

"St. Joseph is the the patron saint of our St. Joseph Parish and the Universal Church"

  • The St. Joseph Table is a religious and traditional custom that started centures ago in Sicily during a famine.
  • Prayers to St. Joseph were answered, the rains came and the famine came to an end.
  • In gratitude, the farmers honored St. Joseph by filling an Altar with their most prized possessions, FOOD!
  • After paying homage to St. Joseph, the distributed the food to the poor and less fortunate.
  • This altar is known as "la tavola di San Giuse" or "Saint Joseph's Table" and is always blessed by a Priest.


St. Joseph Table Altar

  • The Altar has three levels symbolic of the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.
  • The elements that compose the altar are:

  • An Image if St. Joseph
  • Flowers
  • Fish
  • Symbolically shaped breads
  • Candles
  • Cookies, candies, cakes, etc.
  • Fresh Vegetables, and fruits
  • Fava Beans
  • Sprouted Wheat
  • Frittatas (Omelettes)

    Symbolic Meanings:

    • Cross: represents the Crucifixion
    • Chalice: represents the Consecration of the Bread and Wine at the Last Supper
    • Heart: represents the Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the symbol of love.
    • Fish: represents Jesus as the Fisher of Men and symbolizes Christ feeding the five thousand.
    • Thirteen small round braided bread loaves (cudureddi): represents Jesus and the Twelve Apostles
    • Large round loaves of bread: symbolizes the crown of thorns
    • Hands: represents God's hands
    • Shepherd's Staff: symbolizes the Lord is our Shepherd
    • Lamb Cake: represents Jesus as the Lamb of God
    • Palms: symbolize the palms strewn in Jesus' path in Jerusalem
    • White Lilies: Symbolizes transformation and purity
    • Wine: symbolic of the Last Supper and the Miracle at Cana
    • Fried Bread Crumbs (mudica or mollica): represents the sawdust of St. Joseph the Carpenter
    • Hammer, saw and ladder: represents the tools used by St. Joseph the Carpenter
    • The Silician "carretto" (cart): a handcrafted and hand painted brightly colored cart with wodden wheels that was pulled by a
      donkey, mule or horse and was used to carry the farmers out to the fields to gather the crops
    • Bone Cookies: represent the bones of the saints
    • Purse: represents giving alms to the poor
    • Sardines: represent a reminder of the saltiness of the sea
    • Grapes, olives, figs and other fruits: represent the orchards and vineyards in Sicily
    • Fava Beans: considered "lucky" because during the drought the fava thrived while other crops failed
    • Wheat, artichokes, cardoons, fennel and other vegetables: represent the farmlands in Sicily
    • Italian S Cookie: represents the island of Sicily
    • Pignolatti (Honey Balls joined together to for a pine cone): represent the pine cones Jesus played with as a child.
    • Pupaculova (baked bread that encloses a dyed egg): represents the "coming of Easter"
    • Cookies/Pastries: lady fingers, spingi, fig cookies, cookaletties, wine cookies, Italian wedding cookies, ribbons, creme puffs,
      roettes, pizzelles, biscotti, canolis, ricotta cookies, fruit cookies, Italian brownies, anginetti or lemon drop
      cookies, cross cookies: represent the cookies and pastries of Sicily




    St. Joseph Table Thank You!


    Dear Parishioners:


    What a beautiful and powerful celebration of our Patron Feast of St. Joseph!   St. Joseph Table was beautiful!  A ministry of love and faith. Thank You to the entire committee of the St. Joseph Table, volunteers, Men of Joseph, CCW, Knights. For all your hard labor of love. It was an honor that our Bishop Stephen Berg was with us on this special day!   

    May St. Joseph intercede for our prayer intentions, for peace and an end of war in the Ukraine, for all the lives lost. 


    Thank You all for your hard labor of love!

    Your brother in Christ 

    Father Steve

    St. Joseph Table Committee

    • Pat Klomp, Chair
    • Jeanne Brewer
    • Gracie Clementi
    • Patti Dionisio
    • Sam Pantleo
    • John Patti
    • Rose Marie Patti
    • Jody Robinson
    • Jim Robinson
    • Carolee Saccomanno
    • Anita Spinuzzi

    St. Joseph Table News

    Directly below is a short media clip from Channel 5 News which did a story on the Sixth Annual St. Joseph Table.

    Fox 21 News from Colorado Springs also did a feature on the 2019 St. Joseph Table.


    The Pueblo Chieftain Stories

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    SJ Table Through the Years










    Shirts & Scarves

    St. Joseph Council of Catholic Women have shirts and scarves available for their members. Stop by to see Josie Marrufo in the Parish Office or call her at 719-544-1886 (ext. 100).

    Shirt prices: (S/M/L/XL $7.00)
    (2XL $9.00) (3XL $11.00)
    Blue Scarves: ($5.00)

    Quinceanera Information

    If you are planning a Quinceanera the requirements are:

    • the young lady be registered in Religious Ed and must have attended classes the year prior.
    • Must attend class with Maria Cornejo with explanation of what the Quinceanera celebration is about

    Please contact the office to register 719-544-1886.

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