Father Vigil Proposes Three Year Vision for St. Joseph Parish

Fr. Joseph VigilFather Joseph Vigil proposed a vision for the Parish on January 29, 2021 during a Parish retreat facilitated by Father Matthew Wertin and Pueblo Diocese Mission Team. Those participating in the training were Parish Council, Knight’s of Columbus, Men of Joseph, Council of Catholic Women, Parish Staff, and youth from the Confirmation classes.

Father Vigil stated that he would like to begin to create a culture of Discipleship and Evangelization at St. Joseph Parish.

Father Joseph's vision

  1. Religious Education and Discipleship formation in our religious and confirmation programs.
  2. Develop Discipleship in our Parish community.
  3. How do we build evangelization as a faith filled active Parish at St. Joseph?

Core Values

  1. We Want You Here.
  2. God Wants You Here.
  3. We’ll Help You Find Your Purpose.

The Sycamore program will be utilized to train all groups as we start on our journey to create a culture of serving, discipleship, and evangelization. (Sycamore is based on Zacchaeous, in the new testament, who was a tax-collector known for his faith in climbing a sycamore tree to see Jesus.)

All Parish members are welcome to attend the training sessions on Friday’s for the next five weeks in Father Murray Hall from 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Training modules can also be found at www.sycamore.fm


Click HERE to download a copy of the three-year vision